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Also obtainable: solar roof tiles from Schweizer for pitched roofs

Solrif®, the patented photovoltaic in-roof mounting system by Schweizer, turns a frameless standard module into a solar power generating roof tile; thus replacing traditional clay roof tiling of pitched roofs.

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Pitched roof solutions with MSP-PR

For the mounting of PV modules on pitched roofs, you can choose from two MSP system variants: the MSP-PR with click-in system, and MSP-PR Inlay for minimum pressure on the PV modules.

Cost-effective and speedy to install:

the MSP-PR system

Minimising the load on the PV modules:

the MSP-PR Inlay system

Arguments in favour of MSP-PR

  • Easy mounting with innovative click-in-place system

  • Thanks to pre-assembled connecting parts, no further screws or nuts are needed

  • Non-rotatable components prevent faulty installation

  • The mounting rails can be walked on, making the work easier

  •  Perfect adjustment of the number of roof hooks to the roof in question

  • Statically coordinated components for maximum safety standards

Arguments in favour of MSP-PR Inlay

  • Minimal mechanical stress on the PV modules

  • Flexible anchoring with hanger bolts, or with aluminium or stainless steel roof hooks

  • Suitable for PV modules with a 35 mm or 40 mm frame

  • Modules can be installed in mixed rows, either vertically or horizontally  

  • Available in a black painted variant (RAL 9005 deep matt)

  • Compatible with the MSP-PR mounting system

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