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If you attach importance to the look of your photovoltaic system, the MSP-PR Inlay System is the right choice. The attractive inlay system is available in both a plain and a black version. Now we have also optimised the handling and transport of the system: by adding short inlay rails of 3.3 m length and 40 mm and 35 mm thickness to our range. This is our response to the increasing demand for a visually impressive and at the same time robust and flexible system for the residential market. The short rails will also be combinable with our TT system and will be made available for the design of projects in our planning tool Solar.Pro.Tool from Schweizer. The Solar.Pro.Tool from Schweizer gives you the basis for selecting the most economical solution. Click the button now to download and register for a free trial licence.

Solar.Pro.Tool: Free trial licence

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Auch erhältlich: Solar-Dachziegel von Schweizer fürs Schrägdach

Solrif®, das patentierte Photovoltaik-Indach-Montagesystem von Schweizer, macht aus einem rahmenlosen Standardmodul einen Solar-Dachziegel und ersetzt damit die klassische Ziegel-Eindeckung beim Schrägdach.

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