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Also obtainable: solar roof tiles from Schweizer for pitched roofs

Solrif®, the patented photovoltaic in-roof mounting system by Schweizer, turns a frameless standard module into a solar power generating roof tile; thus replacing traditional clay roof tiling of pitched roofs.

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Metal roof solutions with MSP-TT-2CO

Arguments in favour of MSP-TT-2CO

  • No cutting on site: the rails are supplied in three lengths, and can be adjusted to the size of the roof

  • Thin sheet screws make additional drilling unnecessary.

  • Short rails for ease of handling

  • No length restriction, as thermal extension is automatically accommodated

  • No trapezoidal metal shoes or individually manufactured parts needed: direct mounting on the metal corrugations

  • High corrosion protection – no damp gets in, thanks to high-grade aluminium components and and EPDM surround